Arts Alive

Artists entertain our senses and our imaginations.  They are able to capture what we all see and feel and express it in colour, music, shape and arrangement.  Maybe they go just a little deeper into their soul than the rest of us to bring out the true character of themselves and their environment.  Perspective is what makes them different and helps us realize different ways of viewing the beauty that surrounds us.  Ah…perspective…that wonderful thing you develop and cherish when you spend time in a setting like this.

Elliot Lake's natural beauty must surely be the key to what inspires this bustling arts community.  Both longtime and new residents have brought with them unmatched artistic talent learned around the world.  That's what makes Elliot Lake so diverse.  New people from around Ontario, Canada and beyond coming together with their unique talents, perspectives and characters and collaborating to create a dynamic and diversified artistic community that thrives in their new home.

The arts mosaic is an important part of the fabric that gives character to a community.  It inspires artistic talent, offers a creative outlet and entertains the community and visitors.  Playing host to a myriad of popular events, exhibitions, and performances, Elliot Lake has a strong, vibrant and eclectic arts scene.  At its core is the Lester B. Pearson Civic Centre - a nurturing arts environment that shows off the astounding artistic talent within the community.  The Centre's intimate 359 seat theatre hosts national and international names as well as local theatre and dance groups and local musicians.  The Gallery at the Centre is a showcase of local artisans which truly highlights the quality and sophistication of its members.  And of course, there is the constant buzz of artistic activity and further education in the rooms and halls that make up this vibrant building - the centre of Elliot Lake's arts community.

It doesn't end there!  Elliot Lake is home to artists, musicians, writers and dancers that lend their flair to the local culture scene throughout the City and keep events, establishments and community parks lively and relevant.

Elliot Lake's arts scene is a community of creative individuals and organizations that have developed their artistic gifts and who share their creativity and knowledge.  The arts literally flourish and come to life in Elliot Lake.