Back Country Trails

The area surrounding Elliot Lake is well known for fantastic snowmobile trails, but we're even better known for our thousands of accessible lakes and unbelievable scenery.  Many of these lakes are connected by portage trails that make for a unique and truly awe inspiring adventure in the winter.

With access from Highway 108, local roads or by groomed trail, riders of all levels can venture off the groomed path and into a vast wilderness like no other.  Locals will tell you that within 15 minutes from home, they can find about 100 lakes within which fish thrive and where they seem almost alone.  What more can we say other then "you have to experience this snowmobile wonderland for yourself".

While we encourage everyone to adventure at their own pace, we do remind you that these trails are not groomed and have minimal signage.  There are fairly accurate maps available in Elliot Lake that will help you find your way, but everyone should use common sense and, where possible, ride with someone that knows the area.