Boardwalk Run

Distance:   41 km

Rating:     Easy/Moderate
                  Short section of Moderate/Advanced is avoidable


This loop signifies the first trails developed by the Elliot Lake ATV Club and highlights interconnecting trails through a variety of terrain with scenic views.  This loop is the main link to the Boreal Forest Run and the Portage Run and literally wraps tightly around the city - although the city is rarely visible.  The trails leaving Elliot Lake are as scenic as even the most remote trails.  Great views across Horne Lake and Elliot Lake and some great water crossings really make the trail feel isolated.

Once outside the city, the trail follows the attractive powerline trail with some of the most expansive vistas in the area.  At the river joining Elliot Lake and Quimby Lake, two bridges provide some of the most photographed landmarks on the trails and are impressive when the water is high.  This same area provides access to the high rocks with an amazing view and to a great picnic, camping or rest spot on Elliot Lake.  The fishing from this area is incredible as well.

The route provides various escapes prior to entering the slightly more difficult sections.  One trail leads directly to one of Elliot Lake's public beaches in the heart of the city.

The remainder of this trail is slightly narrower and moderately difficult due to rugged terrain.  While it isn't difficult, experienced riding is encouraged.  The trail accesses an interesting boardwalk, which was built to restore water flow and preserve environmental features close to the city while easily accommodating ATV traffic.


Power Line - Wide Open Views
Excellent Fall Colours
Quimby Lake Bridges
High Rocks and Elliot Lake Camping
Esten Beach
ATV Boardwalk