Boat Launches

Access to many of the thousands of lakes surrounding Elliot Lake is made easy for boats of all sizes at municipally and provincially maintained boat launches and many informal launches.  The City of Elliot Lake proudly maintains eight launch areas - most of which have modern facilities as well as washroom and picnic facilities.  Parks Ontario maintains two launches in Mississagi Park that are open to the public but require a park pass to use.

In addition to formal launch facilities, many of the thousands of lakes around the City are accessible with a boat at informal launch sites that have been constructed by local fishing enthusiasts.  Some are easy to get to by truck and trailer while others require an off road vehicle and a little muscle power or both.

No matter how the boat gets in the lake, the fishing is well worth the effort in Elliot Lake.  It's really that simple.

Lakes with formal launch facilities:

  • Depot Lake
  • Dunlop Lake
  • Elliot Lake
  • Flack Lake (Mississagi Park Access)
  • McCarthy Lake
  • Popeye Lake
  • Quirke Lake
  • Semiwite Lake (Mississagi Park Access)

See Interactive Map on right for more details and locations.