Boreal Forest Run

Distance:   47 km

Rating:   Easy to Moderate


This route starts along the awesome power line - a long time favourite snowmobile trail because of the expansive views and open trail.  It's even better in ATV season when the leaves are on the trees.  The power line trail is mostly former road bed with various bridge crossings.  The vistas from some of the hilltops are truly spectacular and provide for some of the greatest fall colour viewing.

From the power line, the trail leads quickly into an old growth forest evident by enormous pine trees and stumps, exposed roots and slopes covered in wildflowers - all rare along an ATV trail in Ontario.  Mixed with strands of birch trees, this area is vivid with yellow in the fall.

This trail can be connected to the Portage Run or the Boardwalk Run to connect back to the city or to extend the ride.


Power Line - Wide Open Views
Excellent Fall Colours
Gullbeak Lookout
Massive Pine Forest
Easy Road Base