Deer Trail Touring Route

Autumn's hottest show? The deciduous trees of Elliot Lake.  For front-row seats, head north on the Deer Trail, treating your eyes to 120 kilometres of blazing fall foliage through the Penokian Hills.  It's not all about the colours, they just make it even more spectacular.  This driving tour will bring you places that you never thought a road could be built.  There are no white lines and the road isn't exactly a freeway, but it just happens to be a road where life slows down a little and so do the vehicles.

The Deer Trail is the highway's way of letting everyone have easy access to the rugged, natural and spectacular environment that surrounds Elliot Lake.  The area north of the City doesn't boast quaint villages, exquisite boutiques or any sort of country charm for that matter, it simply supplies jaw-droppingly cool scenery like nowhere else.   This is a drive that you have to see to believe - the hills are huge, the rocks are gargantuous and imposing, the lakes are everywhere and the river seems to follow you everywhere.  What more can we say other than happy trails?

The Specifics

Follow Hwy 108 north through Elliot Lake.  It turns into hwy 639 about 14 kilometres north of the city.  Hwy 639 comes to an end at the intersection of Hwy 546.  Turn left onto hwy 546 towards Iron Bridge.  At Iron Bridge, turn left onto Hwy 17 and follow back to the Trailhead at the corner of Hwy 17 and Hwy 108.
Approximate driving time - 3 to 4 hours

An older Deer Trail Map may be available at the Elliot Lake Welcome Centre.  Watch for updates to this map providing details of the route and key sights along the way.

The Deer Trail is a signature touring route in Algoma Country.  For more details, click here.