Flack Lake / Ten Mile Lake Canoe Route

Duration:   4 to 5 days
Distance:   30km
Portages:   13+


This route starts at the east end of Flack Lake in Mississagi Provincial Park, from where you paddle about five kilometers west across the south end of the lake towards Old Baldy, a bare quartzite pinnacle.  An uphill portage leads to Bruce Lake, and another around the foot of Old Baldy leads to Olympus Lake.  On the long portage to Astonish Lake is an old exploratory uranium drilling site.  At the end of the Astonish's long southern bay is the portage to Ezma Lake, which has a couple of campsites, some wetlands and two long bays.  At the southeast end of one bay, a portage leads to an arm of Ten Mile Lake.  Paddle west down the long northwest arm of Ten Mile Lake to the Portage leading to Hyphen Lake.

Gibbery Lake is a short portage to the northwest but the main route heads east down Hyphen through the narrows into Callinan Lake then north into Dollyberry Lake.  There are two options for getting into Bobowash Lake, a longer portage a short way up the lake or a short portage from the far north end of the lake.  Bobowash, with several bays and islands, is a great lake for exploring.  Two short portages, with an unnamed lake in between lead to Samreid Lake, which also has several islands and bays.  At the northeast tip of the lake is the routes longest portage leading across two small lakes then down a steep rocky hill to Flack Lake.  A 2.5km paddle east takes you to the access in Mississagi Provincial Park by Highway 639. 

Alternatives:  There are a number of lakes a short portage or hike off the main route (eg. Gaff, Birthday, Gibbery).  This route can also be extended by joining the Dunlop/Mace Route on either Ezma Lake or Ten Mile Lake.