May Lake Loop

Distance:   60 km

Rating:   Moderate


This trail is one of the first and only known trails funded and built in partnership between an ATV club and a snowmobile club in Ontario.  It provides access to the rugged wilderness east of the city.  The trail can also be extended to Whiskey Lake far a real distant adventure.

The south-east edge of this route provides a scenic backdrop that is well worth the ride.  The rock cliffs seem to go forever and are so high that they create a backdrop along much of the trail.  Heading north, the trail narrows and begins to travel across bridges between various lakes providing some great rest areas and fantastic views.  The route travels Stanrock Road for an extent, providing a glimpse of Elliot Lake's modern lakefront development project.


Views over Depot Lake near airport
Rock escarpment
Numerous bridge crossings and lake views
Cottages on Quirke Lake