Canoe / Kayak

We seem to think that paddlers want some time to themselves, away from the urban environment and maybe a little help getting from lake to lake.  If we're right, then Elliot Lake is a paddler's paradise!  With thousands of lakes within just a short distance of the City centre, paddling is a natural distraction.  In fact, Canoe clubs and the City have partnered over many years to establish well marked, well defined and, by wilderness standards, well serviced canoe routes and camp areas.  That means, if you choose one of the designated canoe routes, you'll know where you are, where you're going and where to stop along the way.  The routes are here for everyone to enjoy and all we ask is that they are left exactly as they are found.

For more detailed information on paddling around Elliot Lake, pick up a map and other material at the Elliot Lake Welcome Centre.