Splake (also known as wendigo) are a hatchery hybrid of brook (or speckled) trout and lake  trout - hence the name.  They have been stocked in much of Ontario, in lakes that have marginal habitat for either lake trout or brook trout.   Splake generally grow faster than either lake trout or brook trout.  Water temperature is a key factor in determining splake habitat.  Like both their parents, they need a year-round supply of cold, clear water, but can generally tolerate less desirable habitat like low pH waters.

During spring, just after ice-out, splake can be found in shallow water and can be caught near the surface with light tackle or flies.   As the water temperature rises, the trout move out into deeper water to feed on minnows and other fish at or near the thermocline.   Like brook trout, splake can be shy and spooky, but will also take a range of small minnow-imitating plugs as well as small, flashy spoons and spinners.  Ice fishing for splake can also be very successful.

Splake facts

  • Ontario record: 20.71 lbs (9.39 kg).